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In 2013, we were given the opportunity to take on one of the most authentic Log Cabins in New Zealand, surrounded by a very special piece of land. With our shared love of native bush, nature and local history, it was a no brainer!

Some interesting history on the making of The Log Cabin...
It was made in authentic style and built in 1992 with Douglas Fir logs from Rotorua. Builder Dave Alexander made everything off site. It was then dismantled and transported up to our land. The house was put together on site and once finished, the windows and doors were cut out and fitted.

Music and Art Festivals are a big passion and love of ours. We were excited to learn that The Log Cabin is part of a classic piece of New Zealand history… it sits on the land that hosted the very last iconic Nambassa Festival in 1981.  The Main Stage was located at the southern end of our land, with the beautiful backdrop of native bush. When you lounge in the hot tub and look out over the 12 acres of land, you can imagine what it would have been like to have 15,000 festival goers camping and enjoying the festival! You can find an original poster for this festival inside The Log Cabin.

Being locals, and very community-minded, we are constantly involved in projects and campaigns, including environmental initiatives and community events. We regularly support local sports clubs in fund raising efforts and are ongoing supporters of CanSurf Waihi Beach, a Charity that brings Canteen youth from all around New Zealand together for an annual Summer Camp.

We hope you love The Log Cabin and the beautiful surrounding land as much as we do!

Al & Rachel, Cas & Seugnet

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